Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ask Questions!

In the wake of the Ferguson decision I debated blogging about this.  I mean it's all that's been in the news, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for the last few days.  So blogging about it at the time of Thanksgiving made me question myself.  Shouldn't I blog about what I'm thankful for?  I then realized what I'm ultimately thankful for.

First a little background.  I was raised in a middle class white family.  My parents are still married and all my sisters and I all have the same mom and dad.  Not very normal by today's standards.  We are originally from Kansas (I know a very republican/conservative state) for those that are not from there and don't know more.  We grew up military kids and moved around a lot.  We always went back to Kansas because that's where our grandparents were so that was our "home".  Many don't realize that Kansas has a lot of Hispanics.  When I say a lot, where my grandma lives in Garden City, Kansas it is 48% hispanic as of the 2010 census.  I have an uncle who is Mexican and he's been my uncle all my life.  My parents had friends of all races so that being said, color was never anything I saw.  When I say I was raised color blind, I indeed was.

My grandfather who was born and raised in Oklahoma and later lived his adult life in Kansas was the nicest man you will ever meet.  So when people talk about middle America and it being a bunch of racist rednecks I ask them "have you ever been to middle America"?  In the small town my grandparents lived, you didn't drive past someone without waiving.  If that's how rednecks are then sign me up!  When I married my husband (who is white, black, and cuban) no one batted an eye.  Why would they?  Remember we weren't raised to see the color of people's skin.  I take my family to Kansas and they are welcomed with open arms.  So because we are so color blind, the conversation of racism doesn't come up.  Until this week....

I posted the following on my Facebook page after the decision not to indite: "My thoughts are with the peaceful protestors of Ferguson and the Brown family. Being the mother of biracial children this world scares me to death. #dontshoot"   I immediately got a response from one of my cousins back home.  "Do you really run into people acting like its a problem? Maybe because I don't have children I don't see it. I really thought this was a thing of the past".  Why did she ask this?  Because she's my family, so like me she was raised color blind.  She may not realize it but her comment has resonated in my mind for a few days now.   I advised her unfortunately racism is alive and well still.  That I have walked into a store alone and no one bats an eye, but can go back to that same store a week later and get followed because I have my kids with me.  Don't get me wrong, I have got it from the black side also.  I remember in high school a friend of mines mom called me "the keebler people" (get it cracker).  As a 14 year old girl I didn't correct her.  I mean I'm a kid, she's an adult and it's her house.  I look back now and think "how ignorant was she".  I could never ever think of calling any of my kids friends a slang racist word! I hope she can live with the fact that that is my memory of her.  My cousin apologized after I told her my story.  She didn't have to.

You know why she didn't have to?  Because unlike most people she did one thing right here....she asked!!  She didn't assume, she didn't live in a little bubble of "it won't happen to me", or that doesn't happen.  For that I thank her.  If we all would just step outside our shoes and ask ourselves "what are they going through, how do they feel about this" this world would be a better place.  I leave you with this.  Are all cops bad?  Nope.  Are all black people racist "thugs" (seems to be the word of the moment)?  Nope.  Are all white people racist?  Nope.   The only way to know who is who is to ask.  
Talk to each other and learn from each other.  In other words don't judge a book by it's cover.  

So I am thankful for my family roots of seeing no color.  Thanks for raising me right and making me the person I am today.  There is no one person to thank here,  it takes a village.  Now let me go start cooking the desserts I'm going to feed to my very colorful and loved family.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.    

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm a Fly Baby

No this does not mean I'm fly as in cool or hip (well I am, but that isn't what this is about). What I mean by that is I frequent Sorry this may not be my usual blog of laughter. Nope today I'm talking about cleaning house. No one likes to do it. With 4 kids and working full time I pretty much came to the point where I just called my house the "lived in look' and gave up. Then recently I found a group called 40 bags in 40 days. Many of you that follow me on Facebook watched this experiment unfold.

 40 bags in 40 days is a declutter challenge. Each day you focus on one particular area of the house and get a bag and pile it for garage sale, donation, or just throw shit away. You do not do much at a time. First thing you do is compile your list. Walk around your house and I promise you will find 40 places that you want to focus on. Each kids closet can be a day, or you can say floor of closet for one day, shelf of closet another day. Never make any particular day something that will take you longer than 30 minutes. For example day one for me was for the top of the fridge in my laundry room. I was just piling stuff up there for no reason. That stuff was a hodgepodge of stuff from hummingbird food to an old shelf from a refrigerator I no longer had. It took me 10 minutes to clean that area because for the most part I threw everything up there away. That was day one.... I then found myself obsessed with this whole decluttering world. I was looking on my list for "what's tomorrow". This is a sad life I know. However, it kept my house clean. When I'd clean an area, then another, and another slowly I saw that the less stuff I had the better I felt. It's amazing how much stuff one acquires and keeps. Now I'm no hoarder by any means, but really do I need to still have the manual to that crock pot I've had for 8 years? Am I going to suddenly forget how to use it?

 So began my obsession with this 40 bags thing. I found there was a group on Facebook called 40 bags in 40 days 2013. The page must have been started that year, but the membership is over 20,000 and it's a very active site. I love reading people's post on there. It's a well maintained site. No one is rude. It's full of "look what I did today" and "I need advice". If anything it's a place to look at people's pictures and say "damn my house isn't that bad". Regardless I love that group! From there they taught me about a place called

 So I mosey on over to this website about 6 months ago (they also have a Facebook page). At first I was very confused. Where do I start? What do I click on? What is this? First thing I suggest is sign up for their email. The email is waaay too frequent for my taste so I changed my settings and I only get the "Sneak Peak" on Saturday. You can also see what the sneak peak is on the main page under the tab titled "today". I chose to get the email, because honestly I need the reminder to look at my "assignment" each week. From there you will see a plan of attack. Each week the site goes into zones. Zones are similar to the areas I talked about in 40 bags. Zones are a certain room in the house. Each day you are told what room to go to and what to do in that room. I am busy through out the week so I do all 5 days (Monday through Friday) all on Sunday. Here are the November zones:

Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch & Dining Room (November 01)
Zone 2: The Kitchen (November 02 – 08)
Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (November 09 – 15)
Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (November 16 – 22)
Zone 5: The Living Room (November 23 – 30)

 As you can see you can attack a particular room every week. The zones will come back around, but the next time that zone comes you may not get the same "assignment" in that room. I find a lot of weeks that they have me doing stuff I forget about. Today I was "assigned" the laundry room and had to clean behind the washer and dryer. Secret revealed! That's where the socks are!

 Just a few more things I like about this site and then I'll stop boring you or holding you up from all that cleaning I know you can't wait to do (that was my sarcasm there).

 Fly Kids Challenge: You can find this on the launch pad on the site. It's a challenge you can give your kids. Today's challenge is: Walk through the house and find 10 things that belong in your room and put them away. My kids love these challenges. It's like a counting game and they feel accomplished. Since we still have Halloween candy I let mine have a piece of candy as a reward. You can use stickers or dollar store items too if you'd like.

 Menu Planning: Great tips on how to get ahead of the dinner dilemma each day and tips on how to save as well as sites and books to help you. 15 minutes

Hot Spot Cleaning: Set your timer for 15 minutes and go to an area that is always cluttered. Mine is my kitchen counter. Hot mess all the time, the mail, school reminders, etc. always pile up. If you attack this area daily for 15 minutes you'll find it no longer is decluttered ever! I also use the hot spot timer on my kids in their room. They find it a game and love to see how much they can clean in that time.

 So there you have it. Is my house immaculate? Nope not at all, but I have a hold on it now. It's no longer an entire day's job to get it in order and it's no longer something I dread. I'm always on top of it for the most part and so glad I do it. Please if any of you have something similar you do please share. We mom's (and dad's) need all the help we can get! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hi my name is Renee and I'm a music addict

Today I was driving home listening to some old musical favorites and thought about all the memories that music has given me in my life. Those that know me know that I love music.  I can name a song in three notes and usually add the year it came out to go with it.  If you are ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and you need a lifeline, I'm your girl.  Before the days of the internet, I was the original "Shazam" and my friends would call me in the middle of the night drunk asking me "who sings that song...."  I miss those drunken phone calls.  We all have kids now, and the internet.

I love all kinds of music.  The love of music came very early for me.  When I was 4 my grandpa Poppy bought me my first record player.  It was one of those that looked like a suitcase.  I believe that's what started it all.  Every time we would go to the store or a garage sale when my sisters would get a coloring book I would get a 45.  I still have all those 45s in my parents attic.  Most of them are 80s classics such as the Eurythmics, Culture Club, and Denise Williams.  One 45 though that I got a garage sale for probably a quarter was a song called "Where you going Billy" by the Poppy's.  Funny that Poppy has now been mentioned twice in this blog and I'm only on the second paragraph...  That song originally came out in 1969, but I loved it.  I was probably around 6 when that got non stop play in my room along side my Muppets.

Then I turned 7 and this amazing record by the name of Thriller came out.  You may have heard of it.  My parents bought me the record and I did what all 7 year olds at that time did, I took it for show and tell.  Mrs. Moyer's class.  I stood so proud and said "this is my Michael Jackson album" (I still remember that oohs and aaaahs, I understand boys and girls, I understand).  "I love Michael Jackson and I really like his song Beat It".  I wonder if that teacher thought to herself "this is not a normal 7 year old".  Well needless to say I still have that album.  It's up in my closet next to my Jackson 5 Victory Tour picture disc album that my aunt Joni bought me.  I'm sure they are worth money, but to me they are far to precious to ever part from.

So came the 80s.  My dad was a college student so I did a lot of driving with him to school.  Often times I sat in the back of his classes during the summer.  I guess you could do that in the 80s or else my dad just hid me behind him well.  Don't ask me shit about engineering, I never paid attention, I just colored.  My best memories of that time was the music played in his Astro.  I to this day can't hear "Puttin on the Ritz" by Taco without think of this bar that was across the street from the Kansas State campus called "the Ritz".  I swore that song was about that place.  I mean don't all artist write hit songs about a bar in the middle of Kansas?  So many great tunes from Huey Lewis and the News to Madonna to the Police.  The best musical memory with my dad is David Lee Roth's Just a Gigolo.  We would sing that song at the top of our lungs in the car.  The best ride of all was when we drove to my grandmother's about 100 miles away blasting that.  Those country roads of Kansas had no idea that the best singers in all the land were in that red Astro.  Well at least  the loudest anyway.  Boozdi Boozdi bop.... ok moving on.

So sticking with the 80s came the good ol music video.  MTV was first introduced August 1, 1981 (see I told you my musical knowledge is unparalleled) but I didn't have MTV in my house until probably around 1987.  What we did have was Friday Night Videos.  That's right 1 hour a week that I could stay up and watch Friday night videos.  I probably got a good 5 videos the entire hour but I didn't care, I  was excited.  I remember after that program TV went off.  Yes, the star spangled banner played and then you got the whole "off air" color thingy.  It was great.  The videos I remember most at that time were Smooth Operator by Sade, Wrapped around your Finger by the Police, and Solid as a Rock by Ashford and Simpson.  Thanks mom and dad for letting me watch this in your room with the rabbit ears.

Speaking of rabbit ears we now move on to the late 80s.  We lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  I had a TV in my room by then (with rabbit ears and foil of course).  I loved Saturday morning.  Saturday morning started with cartoons of course on the main tv until my dad woke up and kicked us out of the living room to watch this thing they call football.  I would then go to my room to watch the following: American Bandstand and Soul Train (and GLOW as well, but this isn't about wrestling it's about music).  Oh how I dreamed I would dance on one of those shows one day!!   We then move to Sunday early evening (right before 60 minutes) and we'd have the best musical show of the 80s....Solid Gold.  I dreamed of being a Solid Gold dancer.  I remember people asking me what I was going to be when I grew up and I'd say "a Solid Gold Dancer".  I'm sure my mom was so proud.  Sorry mom!   Unfortunately, when Andy Gibb died Marrilyn McCoo wasn't the same and the show was eventually  canceled.  Oh well, time for plan B I guess.  Damn it...

We then have the hair band phase.  Everyone went through it.  My dad came into my room one day and pointed at my Poison poster and said " who are these girls".  This was the same time I was into the Columbia Music club.  You know the ole "12 cassettes for 1 penny".  I split this with my dad and I remember the tapes coming in and he got Bread and I got Ratt.  Round and Round I will still jam with a hair brush microphone at first listen.

By 1989 I was able to go to my first school dances.  I learned then that I loved R&B and rap music.  Of all the music styles I listen to my favorite is some good ol R&B music.  The songs of Guy, Jodeci, Keith Sweat take me to another time.  On the way home today I pulled out an R and B playlist and felt like I was right back in the 9th grade at Hahn High School.   As for rap my first love of rap came when I heard Run DMC and the Beastie Boys.  I'm sure my parents hated it.  My daughter Keiana's first concert was when she was 5, I took her to Run DMC.  I can rattle off any rap group you can think of from Eric B and Rakim to Eightball and MJG.  I love hip hop and still do to this day.     There is nothing better than young kids pulling up to me at a light and they see this woman and think "that ain't your average soccer mom".  No boys it's not, word to your mutha.

As an adult and working with people I've always been the one everyone comments on when it comes to the musical cubicle.  "DJ Nay Nay get on the wheels of steel"!  I've heard it for years.  Back in 1997 I was working for a local cable company.  My co workers begged me to try out for this radio contest where you get to be the morning co host.  I thought "I will never get it".  They begged and I finally sent in my tape to the contest..."Star 104's Girl Next Door".  Well about a week later I get a call.  "Hi Renee we loved your tape and laughed the entire time, we would love for you to come to the station and try out for the job".  First thing I said "who from my job is calling with this sick joke".  No joke I was asked to come down.  So I grabbed my other musical friend Carina and we trucked it to Mobile Alabama for the gig.  4am is no joke, so those that do morning radio, I salute you.  I was nervous, but thought I did well.  I didn't get the job, found out the owner of the station gave the job to his daughter.  Guess it was rigged, but it was still fun.   I think if I could have a "do over" in life I'd major in communication and get into some sort of musical broadcasting.  Oh well....

So all that being said music is my outlet.  I love it.  I love to blast it in my house and clean.  Sing it in my car.  I love to have a few drinks and sing with people.  My favorite person to sing with is my sister Ashley.  She's many miles away in Europe and I miss her terribly.  She's an amazing singer!   I just got the good looks.  I love that music gives me memories.  Memories of a great life I've been lucky to have.  As a military brat I love that songs remind me of people and places and trips.  Music is something that has always been there for me, no matter what.  I'm going to end this by doing a little musical tribute.  Below are people and next to them is the song that takes me back to my great memories of them.  Those of you that are on the list...know the memory :)  

Mom - More than Words by Extreme
Lane - Mmmmm Bop by Hanson
Ashley - Superwoman by Karyn White
Keiana - My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
Patty P - Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
Tyson - Miss New Bootie (I know that's horrible , but true LOL)
Michelle Delgado - Happy by Surface
Karina Pastrana - Same Love by the Jets
Danis Saenz - Out of the Blue by Debbie Gibson
Carina Hearn - Big Pimpin
Sawanna Graves - Tootsie Roll
Astrid Valenzuela - Knockin the Boots
Nadia Atamanyuk - Lover Girl by Teena Marie
Michael Fooladi - Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money
Sarah Robinson - Sarah by Hall and Oates
Andrea Perez - Hold On by Wilson Phillips
Lisa Delgado - Ice Ice Baby
Traci Flenard - Anything by The Cure
Syndi Cote - Please Don't Go Girl NKOTB Shawn Moreland - Once Bitten Twice Shy Great White Josh Gibson - Brass Monkey The Beastie Boys Cortine Milton - Dance Tonight Lucy Pearl Michael Jackson (my cousin) - Sussudio by Phil Collins
last but not least....
Pierre - Tyrese anything by him and I think of you <3

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Got History?

Growing up a military brat I had the luxury of learning history by actually going to the history.  I've been to the Berlin wall as it was being torn down (still have a piece).  I've been to plantations in the south in the dead heat of the summer.  I've even been to Dachau, a concentration camp in Germany.  Yes, I was a lucky kid and because of this history class (and geography) was always easy for me.  While all the other kids would stay up studying for the test I would say "oh I've been there I remember my dad telling us about that".  See dad I really was listening under those walkman headphones!

I love history, I love to travel to it, and I love watching it on TV.  Every now and then I get a little more insight on something.  Today I was blown away though.  Today I watched the movie 12 Years a Slave.  I have been waiting for some time to watch it.  I hate movies like this.  Slave movies and Nazi movies make my blood boil.  I normally have to look away or leave the room.  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas I turned off twice.  Too much.  This movie was different.  I found myself angrier than normal as I watched this.  If you haven't seen it I won't give away the movie.  This is the story of Solomon Northup.     Soloman (born in 1808)  was the son of freed slaves.  Soloman was a farmer and master violinist in New York.  He was kidnapped in 1841 by slave traders and found himself in a nightmare.  Soloman (as the title states) was 12 years a slave.  

So I finished the movie and thought "how did this happen"?  Why didn't I ever learn about this stuff?  Why are the history books we learn from in school so "edited".  Yes I said it "edited".  Why do I know about George Washington and the cherry tree (is that story even true), but I don't know about this?  This is our history, it happened.  Does our education system think that turning the other cheek makes it go away?  Here I am at 38 years old and I didn't even know about Soloman Northrup and the many that probably never told their story?  I didn't even know people were kidnapped into slavery (I'm ashamed to be honest).  

How much other history do I not know?   Japanese American history?  Mexican American history?  What else?  When I was in the 7th grade we lived in New Mexico.  That year I had to take New Mexico state history and I learned about the Native Indians of that land.  We went to ruins and learned how New Mexico became a state.  It was wonderful.  Had I not lived in New Mexico though I would have never learned that stuff.  

So how do we change this?  Do we as parents take it upon ourselves and teach our kids the history we want them to know?  I guess we do what my parents did, take them to the history.  Show them monuments, grave sites, battles.  I love to travel and although my kids will be bored at such sites, it's my duty.  It's my duty to never stop learning about where we came from.  We Americans....all of us!  So thanks mom and dad for taking me everywhere.  Teaching me more about history than those lousy books ever did.  I vow to continue the tradition with my kids.  

My dad with my oldest daughter Keiana sitting at the Wesley House in Santa Rosa Beach FL, continuing the tradition.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boys are Poopy

Boys are poopy.  I tell my girls that all the time.  I've been saying it to my oldest daughter who's now in college since the day she was born.  Why am I blogging about this today?  Well in the wake of the Jameis Winston scandal and having a daughter in college myself I have been thinking.

What he yelled in the student union doesn't surprise me.  Yes, you read that right.  These young boys (he's not a man, sorry) think it's cool to degrade women.  Why wouldn't they?  Have you watched a music video in the last 20 years? Have you read random young girl's tweets?  They act as if their body and their self respect don't really mean anything.  Why is that?  Where did we go wrong?  I personally don't know, but I think we do have a lot of things we can change to maybe make the next generation of young women and men think before they speak, act, or do.

First off, it's not cute to have a boyfriend.  So when little Billy comes home and says "I like this girl Sally in my class" don't think "awe, isn't that sweet".  No it's not.  I want to know what you did in math class, not about Sally on the playground in the cute flower dress.  Too harsh?  Don't care.  When we get all excited because they asked a girl to the middle school dance, not cute either.  Go to that dance with a group of girlfriends or guy friends and dance and eat pizza.  Go home and leave it at "man I wish they would stop letting Mr. Smith, the Biology teacher DJ our dances".  When they go to high school and want that serious boyfriend or girlfriend don't encourage that AT ALL.  Encourage taking dual enrollment classes or AP classes.  If all else fails every day as they are getting ready for school write on their bathroom mirror with shaving cream "BOYS ARE POOPY, HAVE A GOOD DAY"

So I know what you are thinking how in the world do we prevent this?  Well first off spying.  Spying always works.  Go through your kids book bags.  Read their notes (yes mom I said that).  Read their text.  You think your kid deserves privacy?  You get privacy when you pay that monthly bill and it's in your name.  Have all their passwords to their online social media accounts.  If their friends "friend" you, accept!  Nothing better than knowing what kind of friends your kids hang out with.  I'll never forget my oldest daughter's freshman year of high school and she asked to go to a party on Homecoming.  I instantly said "she's gonna have beer there and it's at a hotel".  My daughter's jaw dropped. She knew then "I'm no amateur parent".  I caught these parties a couple other times that year.  Yes kids are that dumb to post this stuff.  Now don't get my wrong did my daughter get away with things?  I'm sure, I'm sure she's still doing things that would make me cringe.  Did I at that age?  Yep!  Do I regret them?  HELL YES!

Now I have a son I need to raise.  That son will be taught you don't hit your sisters.  You don't disrespect your mother or any girl for that matter.  No she's not your girlfriend, you don't have a girlfriend.  Will I like his wife?  I doubt it.  In fact I feel pretty sorry for anyone that dates him (when he's in his 30s) because she will get the third degree and if she's not raised to respect herself I will discourage her in his life and mine!  Open doors for girls and women.  Help someone in trouble.  All those things that our dads and grandfathers did with no thought.  Bring back chivalry with our boys.  If our young men show women they are to be honored, maybe they will honor themselves.
So for all those young men and women at Florida State who were taught how to respect themselves I apologize.  I apologize for the name that Jameis is giving your school, your football team, your generation.  Unfortunately there are a lot of Jameis Winston's out there.  Those of us raising the next generation have a duty to stop it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The second time around.

As many of you know my kids span from ages 19 to 4.  Yes 15 years apart.  When I had my oldest daughter Keiana I was only 19 myself.  Just a kid still trying to figure out life.  She was my only child until she was 12.  Her dad and I divorced when she was 4.  I was lucky enough to meet my now husband 2 years later when she was 6.  Although we didn't marry until years later she kinda grew up with us.
Being young and still in my 20s and dating, I wasn't the parent I am today to my little kids (4,5, and 7 years old).  I let her hang out with the adults.  Watch movies and TV shows she shouldn't,  and probably talked about adult subject matter where she could hear.  I didn't shield her.
Don't get me wrong I think I was a good mom.  I was always there for her, didn't party and leave her with random strangers, nope never.  The day she was born my life was no longer mine, I always knew that.   I felt "well if she's gonna learn, see, hear it somewhere I'd rather it be at home".  Well I no longer feel that way.  I say let your kids be kids as long as you can.  Put them in that plastic bubble where the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny are all true and fun.  Where the worst thing that happens is you get a boo boo that day.  I wish I did this with her.  I wish she didn't see MTV until she was well....never!  There's no videos on now and if they are they are horrible videos of women being degraded.  I wish I hugged her more and said I love you.  I do now, but I regret the cuddle time when she was little.  The times I thought "she will always be little".
Well she's not little.  Nope, now she's in college and the highlight of my day is talking to her on the phone and listening to her tell me about her latest test or paper.  I wonder what she ate today?   Is she ok with money?  (because I know she'd never ask me for a dime)  I ask myself did I teach her all the right things so she can make the right decisions?  I regret a lot of things with her.  I am so extremely proud of her.  I'm not always so proud of myself.  She's always told me "you're a great mom".  Well I appreciate it, but I certainly wish I did things different.
The first day I realized this was when I took one of the little kids homemade cupcakes to school.  The school told me "due to allergies we can only have store bought cupcakes brought in".  I asked Keiana "was it like that when you were in school?'  She responded "You never made me cupcakes".  Well that was a slap of reality!  Needless to say Keiana took cupcakes to school that next day (she was in 9th grade, the kids still like them).
So now here I am...the second time around.  My kids are in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 2nd grade.  On my agenda this year is to go with each of them on a field trip.  The truth is, I've never been on a field trip.  Nope, I worked too much when Keiana was growing up. I had a job that was never flexible never let me off for anything.  Even if I took off for a doctors appointment my peers gave me the guilt trip so I rarely did.  I took a job Keiana's senior year of high school that gave me that flexibility.  Her senior year I didn't miss a single meet, event, anything.  I owed her that.  I owed myself that.
I missed out with her and I hate it.  Time is gone I will never get back.  I wish I could rewind and she could be that little girl that said "boys and GAAARS" in my class.  Or told me how something "just ready happened".  I miss that cute little girl.  So parents when they say it goes fast, believe me it does.  Don't miss a moment to tell your kids you love them, hug them, and shield them.  They have plenty of time to grow up.  Go be the tooth fairy, make forts with them, color with them, do it all.  You will be glad you did.
Keiana and I at her high school graduation in May of this year.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back at It

So I tried this blogging thing a few years ago.  Didn't realize it had been a few years ago until I saw my last blog.  That blog was on Sandy Hook and the horrible shooting there.  I hope today's blog can be much lighter (they all won't be I mean I am a mom of 4 who's life is far from Sarah Jessica Parker's in Sex and the City).   I actually consider myself more like Samantha.  Oh sorry, ADD kicking in.  Being a mom is tough.   From 630 in the morning I am shot out of bed like a cannon ball (no not a wrecking ball, that's Miley Cyrus's life).  Now I got this thing down don't get me wrong.  Here's an average run down of life in Irbyville:

Wake up each kid
Room 1...shake shake shake...mommy loves you time to get up.
Room 2....shake shake shake....mommy loves you time to get up.
Room 3....shake shake shake....mommy loves you time to get up.

Off to the kitchen to make breakfast.  I kick it real gourmet around here.  Cold cereal, oatmeal, or grits.  Sometimes I get real fancy with it and pop in some frozen pancakes in the microwave.  See I told you, I'm Top Chef material.  Padma call a sister!  I then fill up three cups of milk (that only one kid will drink).

Back to the rooms to see who needs a second round of shake shake shake, you're going to make me late.  Mommy loves you!!  That's the extended version of wake up time, not sold in stores.

Now I go get dressed.  Like my cooking my fashion is also something to talk about.  Normally jeans, flip flops, and a t-shirt from a 5K that I am so happy to sport because I worked my ass off to run 3.3 miles.  I don't want to hear it marathon runners.  Keep your comments to yourselves!   Ponytail, no make up, and brush my teeth.  This takes a good 10 minutes.  Heidi Klum call me!

I then walk back out into the dining room.  Normally two of the three kids are now at the bathroom brushing their teeth and leaving that pink snake known as toothpaste out ready to attack the next victim!  Do they get any of this on their teeth?

All kids get their teeth brushed (I think), put their shoes on, and get their snack for school.  All this is done in about a 35 minute time span.  See I told you I've got this down.  I drive two kids down to the bus stop.  We listen to either Kids Place Live or Radio Disney until the bus comes.  Did you know Weird Al Yankovich did a version of Fancy by Iggy Azalea that's called I'm so Handy.  I bet you didn't but if you lived in Irbyville you'd know!

Two kids out of the car (with the Handy song in their heads all day I'm sure).  Then I drop the last kid off prior to making it to work.  Once that kid is dropped off I immediately switch from "I'm a Gummi Bear" to anything that's cursing on Sway in the Morning's hip hop channel.  The start of Sway means the start of adult time.  I walk into work, make my coffee (see I haven't had it yet), work with people that don't say "I need to go potty", "He hit me", or "I can gargle my milk".  These adults are quite fascinating, but I must say a bit boring.

I then drive home.  This is the time to call me if you have anything to say to be that can't be said in a text.  If you don't get to me during this 40 minute time span you can PACK IT UP!  As soon as I walk in that door I will have a cheering section.  MOMMY!!!!!!!  Quickly followed up by "what's for dinner" ( I know you all feel the love don't you).  I cook dinner asap, or grab a freezer meal I sat out.  If  I even attempt to sit down you can FORGET me cooking. comes really fast!

Then we have showers, hair done because I do that the night before, and bed.  This is a slow night folks when we don't have soccer practice.  Soccer night is a whole other blog.

So that's a day in Irbyville.  Glamorous?  No not at all.  Fun?  Sometimes.  Exhausting?  All the time.  Worth it?  Damn straight.  Until I'm shot out of my cannon tomorrow folks, I'm signing off.
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